Food For Thought

Right store, wrong section.

I looked for an item at the grocery store that I know I have purchased before at this store. Wandering up and down the aisles where I thought it might have been I saw all kinds of interesting stuff but not the item for which I was looking.   I was in a hurry so I didn’t bother to ask for help.  

Two of the hooligans worked at this particular store while in high school. Employees are trained to know exactly where every item in the store is located.  Had I described the item and requested assistance I would have been left the store with said item in hand.

The more I thought about it the more perplexed I was until I realized I was in the frozen foods section and should have been in refrigerated foods.  Not too much different temperature wise. The sections aren’t even that far apart-just not close enough to get what I need.

I was disappointed that I went home without it.  If I would have taken the time and asked for help that item would have been in my cart.

I took it a step further in my thinking (as you knew I would).

How often do I muddle along trying to do things on my own when I could just as easily request help of someone who may have an answer?

The great news in this little exercise of over-thinking a mundane situation is two-fold.

First, I realized something about myself and can use the information to do things differently the next time.  If I need help-ASK!

And, second, I can go back to the store and get that Jack Daniels Pulled Pork in the near future. If I cannot locate it quickly this time I will ask an associate for help.





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