Sibling Love_Thankful Thursday

Our hooligans like spending time together.(The hooligans are our five lovely adult children). I realize that adult siblings don’t always get along and that I am a blessed mama.

This week two of them went to a local amusement park. They rode roller coasters. I can only imagine the laughter that transpired that day. To think that both of them have adult responsibilities and yet choose to take a few hours to be together to act like kids makes me happy. They know how to work and they know how to play.

They bickered as kids. Tattling was attempted. Teasing, raised voices and self-centered behaviors happened frequently. Sometimes it was just loud general mayhem around here.

Somehow, through the years, they started valuing the time they could spend together. Friendships developed.

I’m grateful that they like one another.

MOMD (Man Of My Dreams)  has a whole crew of loving siblings and my sis is certainly a keeper.

Sibling love it is then for this Thankful Thursday!


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