Friday Is A Good Day To Be Thankful


Pan of brownies…originally said GOOBLE, GOOBLE. That is what happens when you do stuff at 2 am.

Full day yesterday!

Some of the hooligans were tricked into coming early for Thanksgiving.  Ok, they weren’t tricked.  Let’s just say there was not full disclosure.  They were told to come early for appetizers.  What they didn’t know was that they were enlisted for the “Decorate Mom and Dad’s House For Christmas” event.  One of the future daughters-in-law had come up with the idea a few weeks back when I mentioned that I wasn’t sure how we were going to get the house decorated for an event the weekend after Thanksgiving.  She suggested that I just tell everyone to come a little early for Thanksgiving dinner.  Our job was to have the tree set up and the decorations ready.

Sounded good to me.  The only potential drawback was that another son and future daughter-in-law were bringing some friends for dinner.  It didn’t seem quite right to say to people I’d never met, “No work, No food!”  You can say that to your own kids but it gets sketchy when you say it to guests.

I had to tell the son and future D-I-L the plan.  The future D-I-L said she didn’t really like like decorating so they’d just come for dinner.

NO PROBLEM, I announced. You don’t have to help decorate. YOU can help me in the kitchen.

All of a sudden she loved the thought of decorating.  (She did a fabulous job, by the way).

The reluctant decorator did a great job on this section, don't you think?

The reluctant decorator did a great job on this section, don’t you think?

The appetizers were set out and the group went to work.  Of course they had a lot of fun.  We had reggae Christmas music blasting in the background. They did such a great job. Outside lights were hung.  Heck, our gutters even got cleaned out in the process.  As you might imagine the 2 guests arrived before we were done and they joined in as well.

No, you didn’t have too much Thanksgiving Cheer.  Well, maybe you did, but that isn’t why the picture is blurry.  This is the result of trying to sneak up on someone and snapping a picture through the screen.

MOMD-Happy to have help!

MOMD-Happy to have help!

I had planned that we would eat at a few tables but they all wanted to squeeze in around one table so that is what we did.

After dinner the table was cleared, the dishwasher loaded and the game of Quelf appeared.  If you have never played that game let me just say that it can be hilarious.  I think it is more fun to watch than to actually do the crazy stuff.  At one point one of the future D-I-Ls had to lay under the table until it was her turn again. Some form of disco dancing was performed by one of my sons and Kumbaya was sung by another person who actually got someone else at the table to accompany him.

I am thankful for a fun-filled day.

I was also very grateful when they all left and my weary head hit the pillow.

Have you ever tricked people into coming to your house early?

One tried and true motto is: If you feed them they will come. 

I’m open to suggestions for next year’s ploy, by the way.


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