Fun With Summer Fruit

She has gone off the deep end.

Is that what you thought when you saw the title?

Read on to have your suspicions confirmed.

Maybe I have but when you see the largest cantaloupes you have ever seen at a very reasonable price you just have to buy one. Actually two.

I was at a local market today where the produce is fresh and reasonably priced and much is locally grown. As I turned the corner I came face to face with a mound of cantaloupes so big I kind of chuckled out loud.

This is never good when one is shopping alone. It makes those around one think that the solo chuckler is experiencing some kind of heat exhaustion.

Since I don’t care much if strangers think I am a little nutty I not only chortled but decided I would chose the largest cantaloupe in the group. Alas and alack, once I was able to hoist the large heavy fruit into my basket without dropping it on the ground I experienced a moment of pride. But then I thought about the fact that if buying one humongous melon was fun it would be double the fun to purchase two. So I searched to find the second largest melon and placed that in my cart as well.

As I was pushing my heavily laden cart (including a watermelon) toward the checkout lane I saw a very elderly looking lady and had the fleeting thought of saying something like this, “Excuse me Ma’am. You look like you’ve lived a whole lot of years and I am wondering if you have ever seen the likes of these 2 cantaloupes.” Fortunately, for her and me, I came to my senses before I verbalized my question. I rethought the comment that she looked like she had lived a whole lot of years. After all, she may have been someone in her 40s with hooligans like mine. Those hooligans will age you, people!

But I digress. I made my way to the checkout lane without embarrassing myself (unless you want to count chuckling and digging for large melons) at which time I placed my items on the conveyor belt. The pleasant woman in front of me say the cantaloupes and exclaimed, “Those are the largest cantaloupes I have ever seen!” Ah, the bond of kindred spirits. I explained my theory that if buying 1 large cantaloupe could be that much fun how much more joy was experienced by two. She seemed to go along with this, especially when I told her I was using the lifting of them as a cardiac workout for today.

As I placed my purchases back into the cart the cashier advised me that I could leave the melons in the basket next time-no need to put them on the conveyor belt. Gee, thanks for that.

Out to the car I went and guess who was parked right next to me. Yep, the friendly lady who had been ahead of me in line. We laughed again as I put the fruit into my car. I gave her one of my cards with this blog info on it and asked her to stop by. Told her she might just read about our encounter.

MOMD snapped a picture of the cantaloupes for me, using an average sized red pepper for scale. He also kindly weighed them for me. TWENTY FIVE pounds of cantaloupe folks.

One thing you probably don’t know about me.

 I don’t like cantaloupe.

Twenty five (25) pounds of cantaloupe!

Twenty five (25) pounds of cantaloupe!

I sure do wish you could come over for a visit. I could make you a nice fruit salad.

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