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You may know that I was in glorious, beautiful family and friend filled Michigan.  If you are new to my blog go ahead and click on the calendar to the right to read some of those posts.

Humor is a big part of my life.  I find a lot to laugh about in this ridiculous, sometimes random world.  It makes the day go better and just might help someone else to have a better day.

I traveled home yesterday.

My dear friend dropped me off at the airport mid-afternoon.  It was a hot sunny summer day.  I got to my gate with plenty of time to spare, pulled out my phone and played a game or two of the dumb addicting wonderful game 2048 and caught up on a few games of Words With Friends.  Because I like to watch people in the airport (and make up stories about them in my mind) I had my back to the window facing the runway.  About 15 minutes before we were suppose to board I stood up and stretched and took a quick glance out the window.

Black skies.


Suddenly it began to lightning and thunder.  If you are a Michigander by birth or transplant you know that this is just typical Michigan weather.  Sunny then stormy then sunny – in 10 minutes or less.

Typical Michigan Weather.

As a matter of fact the person seated next to me murmured that very phrase under his breath. He might have added a few adjectives and expletives if you know what I mean but this is a family friendly blog.

The counter agent had us line up. I explain this process in my August 6, 2014 post. Passengers lined up while watching the terrible weather and planes not leaving the runway.  A few minutes later the agent told us to sit back down and, oh by the way, those of us connecting in Nashville MAY still have a chance of catching our connecting flight.

Pivotal word: may.

The weather clears (remember sunny, stormy, sunny?) and we line up again.  By now the people around us seem somehow familiar.  Being once again in the A group I scoop up a seat in row 2, middle seat.  I am greeted with a friendly smile by the woman in the window seat.  We exchange pleasantries, realize we grew up in neighboring towns though neither of us still reside in the mitten state.  We are laughing and chatting before our plane takes off.

Before we leave the runway we hear loud laughter across the aisle and one row back. Apparently the condensation from the AC started leaking on the heads of a few passengers. The flight attendant provided a stack of paper towels and a mumbled apology.  The leaking became more pronounced, soaking the paper towels quickly.  Another stack appeared. Suddenly my window seat friend is experiencing a nice misting effect as well.

I request towels for her and tuck some in the tray table.

Emergency Preparedness

Living in an area subject to hurricanes reminds one to have an emergency preparedness plan.

Living in an area subject to hurricanes reminds one to have an emergency preparedness plan.


Our preoccupied flight attendant now began to tell us about the safety features of the aircraft. I could not resist whispering to Linda, my window seat friend, that perhaps we will need to use the seat cushion/flotation devices within the plane.  This is met with laughter.

The flight attendant continues to tell us about breathing normally, etc.,  As she is talking, but without making eye contact with our friends across the aisle,  she hands them a plastic cup to catch the stream of water raining down on their heads.

IMG_1623 copy

Louder laughter.

I (of course) stand up and snap a picture, at which point they explain that the cup has a crack and is leaking.

The flight attendant has a somewhat sad look on her face when she sees me taking the photo. She probably thinks I am going to lodge a complaint to the FAA.

Are you kidding?  This is fodder for Seemingly Ordinary.

I could not make this up.

The water eventually quit dripping, the duration of the flight was uneventful and our connecting flight from Nashville was held for the soggy headed folks from Detroit.


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  1. Cathy says:

    Dearest Cindi…do you ever have a “non-eventful” flight? At least you were able to skip being detained by homeland security. So very happy you’re back home, looking forward to the next time we “hook up” again! OXO

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