Funny Things Happen

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I arrive early for almost everything,  the exception being church on Sunday mornings.  This makes no sense because I love going AND I live less than 5 minutes away.  As a matter of fact it is on the street that borders my neighborhood.  It is just goofy that I typically dash in with less than 5 minutes to spare.

This morning was no different.  Rushing through the door I greeted a few people and then headed into the restroom.  I was chatting with a young woman that usually sits in front of me while washing my hands. General conversation.

I knew someone else was in the third stall so I wasn’t too startled to hear another voice say “Good Morning.”  It seemed odd that someone in the stall would want to be so friendly but what the heck.  The voice sounded a bit low and, well, different.  Neither of us responded at first.

Then I heard it again.  “Good Morning.”

I said, “Good Morning” back.

It is nice to be polite after all.  Especially at church.  A few things went through my mind about this time.

The voice sounds very much like a MAN.  Yikes.

And why does the young woman have her head down and why is she laughing so hard but trying not to?

She then asked me if I thought the voice sounded like a man.  Yes, it surely did, I confirmed.

Because it WAS a man.  It was the voice of our Worship Pastor welcoming the congregation to the service.  The voice was coming through the speakers installed in the bathroom.

She and I laughed and laughed.  I told her that this is why my children don’t let me out in public if they can help it.  She said she couldn’t wait to get to her seat and tell her mom.

I got to my seat and had to relate the story to my friend that was sitting next to me.  She found it highly entertaining.

I then thought of a similar situation that happened a few years back.

MOMD and I were on vacation in Oregon.  We were staying at a motel on the Pacific ocean. Our room had a balcony facing the beach.  The porter was bringing in our bags.  (Did I mention the porter resembled MOMD?)

I was sitting in a chair on the balcony taking in the beautiful surroundings.  I looked to my left and noticed a young woman 4 or 5  balconies down.  She appeared sad to me.  Her head was bowed and she was sitting very still.  I didn’t want to APPEAR nosy so I looked back to the ocean but invariably my eyes were drawn to her again and again.

It was raining slightly but she seemed unaffected by the weather.

MOMD eventually joined me on the balcony and I casually pointed out the troubled soul.  It took him a while to catch his breath from laughing so hard as he explained that was NOT a sad young woman but a carving of a sea captain.


I still think he had an unfair advantage.  He actually saw the object as he was bringing in our luggage or he would have been fooled as well.  I’m sure of it.

Don't be fooled!   This is not a sorrowful woman.

Don’t be fooled! This is not a sorrowful woman.

Am I the only one to whom things happen?  Come on people!  Help me out and leave a comment telling me that you have done something, ANYTHING, even remotely this goofy.

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