Get Thee To A Winery!

imagejpeg_1The last grand adventure of this California trip was our tour of a winery and a wine tasting session.

This had been planned for a few months so we were excited.

We arrived in Temecula early so we walked around a bit. That is when I snapped a few of these photos.

photo (15)


This was the view as we walked up to the winery.

The only two disappointments about our winery trip was that the weather was chilly and wet and our tour did not include a ride on the Jolly Trolley. Can you imagine the potential of that photo op?

Fortunately, the rest of our day exceeded our expectations.

While my daughter and I were waiting for the tour to begin I mentioned to her that I saw a movie a long time ago that intrigued me about the vineyard/wine making process. Fortunately, I had my iPhone and was able to look up the title of the movie.  It was A Walk In The Clouds.

Our tour guide started off our tour by giving a little history of the vineyard and mentioned that the owner had purchased the land and decided to make it a vineyard and winery as a result of seeing A Walk In The Clouds. The look on my daughter’s face was priceless!


photo (16)


photo (17)


These fermentation and storage tanks are very large, as you can tell by the capacity of 6212 gallons.  Now, that’s a lot of wine!


These barrels are made of American Oak and French Oak. The process of making these barrels was explained in depth.

Am I the only one who didn’t know that there aren’t any nails or screws holding these things together?

They are sealed from the inside. The different types of wood affect the flavor of the wine.

photo (18)

Riddling Rack

These bottles of wine are turned manually. They are being held in a riddling rack.

Aren’t you proud of all the new words I’ve learned?

photo (13)

Okay, now for the good part: the wine tasting itself.

We learned the 5 steps that wine tasters use and were declared experts by our tour guide.

We also learned a little about which types of wine to pair with different types of food. Our tour guide strongly suggested that we choose our menu before making our wine selection.

Who knew?

photo (14)

Notice there is still wine in one of those glasses!










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  1. Pat klug says:

    As someone who admits their favorite wine is “wet”, I have to add my two cents to your story. Although I have never done a winery crawl, I have emptied my share of tasting flights along with the bits and pieces of information you listen to to get to those sips. It is truly a lovely way to spend an afternoon, learning to smell, swish and swallow those transformed grapes.

    As to one of my favorite wine movies, look up “Bottle Shock”, a very good movie to enjoy with a nice bottle of “wet”.

  2. Claire says:

    Cindi, What a nice Touch. to end a special vacation. touring a California Winery, where so many wines are made. I recently watched the movie A Walk in the Clouds. 🙂

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