Getting Out of The Soup Is Harder Than Getting In

pepper-chef-soup_z1CkBA8dWhen we play hearts  with our friends, invariably at some point, Ron will lay down a card and say, “Well, I’m in the soup now,” which loosely translated means “I’m committed to a plan of action which is scary at best but more likely potentially disastrous .” (Translation mine)

MOMD and I began a huge undertaking around the house yesterday. As I worked on it today I thought to myself: Well, I’m in the soup now.  And then another equally profound thought floated by immediately.  Getting out of the soup is harder than getting in.

The back story.  MOMD and I decided to switch things completely between two rooms in our home.   This will involve, but not be limited to, going through old papers, photos, electronics and myriad other little chaos producing messes in various parts of the house.

A number of facts became readily apparent almost immediately. Some things I remembered from what I learned when doing Thinking About Thirty.

  • We have much more stuff than we knew.
  • This project will take WAY longer than originally thought… at least by one of us.
  • It is more tiring than expected.
  • It is more fun to collect the stuff than it is to dust it, store it, organize it and move it.
  • I live in an optimistic fairy tale world in my mind. (This may not be new news). Upon awakening this morning I said to MOMD, “I wonder if the shoemaker’s elves came in the middle of the night to finish the job we started last night.” But, alas, it was not so.

Which brings me back to getting in and out of the soup.  I realized, yet again, that sometimes to clean something up you have to get messy first.  (This is true of life in general, I think).

In order to consolidate like items I had to rearrange the pantry. I had not anticipated having to do this at the commencement of aforementioned chaos producing project.

It was fairly easy to pull stuff off the shelves of the pantry making a bigger mess and becoming even more committed to the enterprise. That is when I said to myself: Getting out of the soup is harder than getting in.

There is good news. Things are looking better already and another box of stuff is going to Salvation Army.


    • Cindi says:

      You may not love it as much, my friend, if you were here in the soup with me. EXCEPT there would be laughter.
      Just now one of the hooligans needed the printer and we were like circus performers trying to get to it. Things were falling and sliding… ok, I was more like the audience and hooligan was the performer…

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