Going For Three

Two years ago today I was nervous. Much work, thought and writing went into the backend before I hitpublish

but the perfectionist that ever lurks below the surface reared it’s ugly head.

Pushing through I decided that a feeble attempt at blogging probably would not be fatal to myself or anyone else. Even if it wasn’t perfect.

What was the worst that could happen, after all?

Deciding not to dwell on the negative I hit publish and out it went into that frustrating, mysterious, crazy thing we call cyberspace.

I had hoped friends might stop by for a visit.

I paid the hooligans and MOMD to read it. (This, of course, is pure bull. They read it to make sure I’m not making up stuff about them…or worse yet, telling the truth-wink wink)

The first year I posted almost every day. It stretched me. I loved it.

This last year has been different.  Gainful employment is once again a part of my schedule.


Have you noticed that work (of any kind) takes time? As a result of working and a few other things I have not been able to post every day. Even though I miss it I know that I am doing what I am suppose to be doing at this juncture.

Thank you for the continued support and kind comments! The times when you have shared a post on Facebook touch me. Those of you that have signed up and receive my blog by email are a source of encouragement that you may not be able to comprehend.

All of this to say that I am going for three.  A few changes are swirling around in my brain and will show up at some point.

In the meantime we’ll go along in this seemingly ordinary life doing seemingly ordinary things with other seemingly ordinary people.

We realize, of course, that none of it is ordinary and that we make the choice to be grateful.

Thank you for reading. Here’s to three!


  1. Jill says:

    Best wishes in this third year!
    You are amazing, Cindi.
    I’m both proud OF you and proud to KNOW you 👏❤️👏

  2. MOMD says:

    I’m glad you hit publish for the last two years Sweetie.

    I’m sure that this next year will even be a better one, with many more readers & many more snickers.
    (And I’m not talking about candy bars)
    Oh yea readers, here’s a truth tell.
    This Seemingly Ordinary gal does not eat chocolate.
    There’s nothing ORDINARY about that.!!!😱
    Love You Sweetie.
    You are the LOVE OF MY LIFE (LOML)

  3. Debbie says:

    Hard to believe you are going into your third year! I may not always comment but I love your blog my friend. I have always told you that you need to write your stories down! You just have a way with words! Looking forward to more insights and stories in this not so ordinary life. Onward friend!

    • Cindi says:

      Thank you. You continue to be such an encourager to me with regards to writing!
      I’m proud of you for so many things!

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