Going Forward

Some great stuff happened last year.

Highlights include time with family, framily (those who aren’t related but you’d choose them if given the choice) and friends.

A miraculous healing experienced by a framily member.

Trips to New Mexico, Nevada and California made for some fun times, indeed.

I bought cowgirl boots.

MOMD and I went bowing almost every day in June, July and August.

You will be so relieved to know I bought bowling shoes soon after this picture was taken. House shoes are so nasty.  🙂

Back to my list of good things.

Good health, full cupboards.

A home filled with laughter, forgiveness, really bad puns, popcorn, uncontrolled piles of papers, gadgets, music.

Not everything that occurred in 2017 was wonderful. Broken marriages, heartbreaking events and financial loss affected family and friends.

News headlines often were filled with gloomy predictions, unkind words and devastating weather conditions.

The sad things remind me that life often changes in the blink of an eye.

And so, as always, I try to choose joy in the little things. That is my ongoing plan for the year ahead.

I want to listen better and write more.

I want to eat less sugar.

If you know me at all you know that is a bold-faced lie. I WANT to eat MORE sugar but realize that may not be a healthy option.

Happy New Year!



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