Gonzalo_Thankful Thursday

34-1113tm-vector2-3073Gonzalo has been one of my zumba instructors for over 3 years. In the three and a half years I have been attending his class there have probably been about 10 times when we didn’t have zumba. He takes no money for his Thursday night class. It is actually a ministry of the church of which he is a member.  He thinks of it as a community outreach.

Most of us who attend this class will never be featured on an episode of “Zumba-ing With The Stars”. That isn’t the point. The goal is that we’re up, we’re moving and we’re enjoying it.

I appreciate Gonzalo’s sense of humor as he introduces himself and extends a welcome to attend church there if you don’t have a church home.

He’s got 3 rules which we recite at the beginning of each Thursday night class-rules in which you see his sense of humor shine through.

1.  Make noise.

2.  Have fun.

And my personal favorite:

3.  Dance like you’re on vacation and nobody knows you.

He gets us moving and he gets us laughing. What more could we possibly need?

I’m thankful for Gonzalo, his precious wife Ana, and their commitment to our community.

What (or who) have you been thankful for today?



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