Good Riddance Procrastination and Guilt

Do Not Wait Clock Showing Urgency For ActionProcrastination.  Even the word sounds diabolical…well, it does when to me.

Maybe that is because I have a few things that I have been putting off for a while now.

Sometimes I procrastinate because I get out of the habit of doing something.

A case in point is a woman that I befriended and then visited on a regular basis.  Over the Christmas holidays she apparently was in and out of the hospital a few times.  I have spent more time thinking of her than if I had simply called or stopped by.

Now, however, is the dilemma of what to say when I do visit.  I would imagine the best thing to do is to apologize without offering any excuse but that seems rather awkward.  Because I know she would welcome a visit and her birthday is quickly approaching I will stop procrastinating on this one.

I have made progress with regards to tackling the beast of Procrastination but it still rears it’s ugly head…and brings along it’s unkind sidekick: Guilt. Do they come as a pair in your life as well?

I have decided procrastination and guilt are officially uninvited in this life.  Instead I choose to ask Action and Forgiveness to the party.  They are much more fun to be around.

I realize that, like so many most things in life procrastination is a choice.  It is my decision as to how I will spend my time, work towards my goals and invest myself in the lives of others or not.

The one thing I had forgotten in this situation with my lady friend is that my visit can be short.  It doesn’t need to be a full day event.

I’ve been making progress in other ways by allotting small amounts of time_not huge blocks of hours so I’m surprised I had forgotten in this case.

Do you deal with procrastination in your life?

Have you faced a similar situation where you put off visiting or calling a friend and then felt guilty because you had waited so long? Did you overcome the awkwardness enough to take action?

Please tell us about it in the comment section below.

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Gratefulness Matters!

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