MOMD and others performed in a musical written and produced by one of our church’s members. Beautiful music and thought provoking dialogue marked this unique event.

Children, teens and adults worked hard to put on this show.

One thing that stood out to me was the fervor with which a few children sang their lines.  Those children sang loudly, albeit, a touch off key. I was highly entertained by the gusto.

They seemed to give it all they had, which got me thinking.

When and why do we lose the enthusiasm?

I’ve seen grown men and women jump up and down, yell, laugh and show all kinds of emotions at sporting events. Totally uninhibited.

But then we go to church or some other type of potentially life changing occasion and often our demeanor exhibits a lackluster participation.

I am not talking about cartwheels down the aisle but rather an engaged interest with a touch of animation for good measure.

Perhaps we’re tired but is it more than that?

As we age we find out that it isn’t “cool” to get excited about the stuff that touches us and so we hide behind our bored expressions.

One young boy touched my heart as he stood on the stage, waiting for the music to begin.

He scanned the audience until he found just who he was looking for, smiled, waved and called out, “Hi Mom!”  He acknowledged her presence and anyone who saw it had no doubt that he was mighty glad to find that friendly face. He wasn’t obnoxious nor was he embarrassed to show his love. He seemed happy to be there and happier still that mom was there to enjoy it with him.

Here’s a little challenge for you and for me. Sometime in the next few days notify your face (and I’ll notify mine) that you’re enjoying the activity in which you’re participating.

Fully enjoyed

Sing with gusto!

Smile big!

Let someone in your life know you’re happy to walk a part of the journey together.

Act as you would if your favorite team is winning.

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