Habits: Starting Small

Small habits

I have set some very small manageable goals for myself to make healthier food choices.  For this week I have committed myself to eat one helping of vegetables a day. One helping.  Every once in a while the nagging voice in my head tells me I can do better than that and to her I say, “Poof! Be gone. One helping a day is better than the zero helpings previously consumed on most days”.

Today I ate two helpings if the sweet potato fries count.  Hmmm.  Nope, can’t justify that.

Daily exercise goals include 15 minutes some days.  Other days it’s an hour or more of zumba or biking. 15 minutes isn’t much but it’s more than 0 minutes.

My personal enrichment daily goals include watching a youtube tutorial about photoshop, commenting on other people’s blogs or writing and mailing a letter.  Small stuff.

Putting a dollar in a jar every day is my small financial savings plan.  It’s not overwhelming.  Heck, I can probably find 4 quarters in the dryer a few times a week. Clink. Clink. Clink. Clink.  Into my handy dandy savings jar they go-not even painful.


These are small daily goals.  I’m starting small so I’ll have success.  Maybe next week I’ll increase the goals. I can even do more this week.  Don’t tell anyone but yesterday I put $1.25 in the jar.


I’m happy that I am able to make progress in multiple areas.  It makes me glad to think I’m even trying. There were years I didn’t even have an exercise plan.  When the hooligans were young my exercise was chasing them around the house as they chased each other.


I have 3 accountability buddies for these small daily goals.  I’m proud of them because they have small manageable goals at which they are succeeding.  We have a tracking system in place. No one has to nag or even ask.

Your turn

I would love to hear what areas you are working on at this time?

Are you attempting to incorporate daily habits into your life?

Let’s encourage one another.



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