My PayPal™ account was recently hacked. If you are a friend on Facebook™ you may have seen my post.

The somewhat shortened version is that I received an email asking me to update security questions, etc. and advising that my language is now English.  (Well, that’s good to know since the only other language in which I am somewhat fluent is Pig Latin).

I ignored the email the first time because I thought it was a phishing type thing.  Since I haven’t even logged on to Paypal™ in years I wasn’t concerned. I then got another email advising of transactions that had taken place. My account was now a business account and Hongya Wang is apparently now my new name.  Money was taken from our bank account and placed into PP (what I am going to call the aforementioned organization for the rest of this post) and then a check was cut by PP. More money was moved from my bank account. Needless to say, I now believed that perhaps there was little problem.

I spent most of yesterday making sure that our accounts are as secure as possible and that our money is returned.

I’ve run scans on my computers to ensure no malware has installed.

PP has made a partial refund with a promise that the rest is coming. The fraud team is alerted and looking for the perpetrators. I’m not optimistic about the outcome.

Even as I write this I see that a major retailer is advising that there may be a major data breach of online customers info.

The miscreants who do these types of things are criminals but they are also intelligent.

If only he/she/they would use the skills to make this world a better place. It sounds simplistic but why not employ the brain power to find ways to obliterate cancer or addiction?

I shared this on FB and here in hopes of reminding others to do what I failed to do. I had so many supportive responses and suggestions that I’d like to share some valuable tips.

  • Remain vigilant about your online accounts, including those that you haven’t used in a while.
  • Change passwords more often than every few years.
  • Don’t attach a debit card to online accounts.
  • Run a virus scan for malware.

I debated about sharing any of this on FB and here because it is embarrassing that I have been lax about such things.  But what better way to use social media? It’s worth sharing if just one person’s account is protected because a password is changed.

Thank you for reading and sharing (if you so choose).



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