Hard To Hear_Thankful Thursday

ouch-comic-expression-vector-text_mjmea-_lSome challenging words came my way this week. Spoken not in anger but as a passing comment. No intent to wound. Well deserved words.

They got my attention because they were true. I had already been sensing that a few things in my life needed some attention and when the remark was uttered I stopped and thought about it for at least five minutes. As I often say, I took it under advisement.

MOMD and I talk about the power of words every day. We discuss how they can be used as weapons.

Words can bring healing.

They can prod and poke into corners of my heart that I would rather not have exposed. Once an area is brought to the light it can be examined and acted upon or not.  In this case, I am choosing to seek practical steps to make small changes.

I’m grateful that this woman loved me enough to bring up a weakness that needs to be addressed.

The ball, as they say (whoever they are) is now in my court.


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