Have Chain Saw, Will Travel


photo (69)


There is a little band of hard-working women that live on my street.  They gather up their yard tools and help each other with yard work and various projects.  Yesterday as I went to my mailbox I saw one of them walking down the street with her power washer.  Simultaneously, I heard a buzzing sound coming from the same general vicinity. Surprisingly (at least to me) there were 2 women on a roof with a chain saw doing battle with an overgrown tree.

I’m not a fan of sharp objects or heights higher than, say, 2 rungs of a ladder. But these women? Fearless.

I love that they work together and help each other.  But often they go even further.  The pictures in this post show some tree trimming that they did for another neighbor. They ask permission before they start hacking away at someone’s tree.

photo (68)

These are the best kind of neighbors. They work together. They help others and they expect nothing in return.

They are modeling, for their children, that neighbors working together, can make the world just a little bit better.


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