Have You Read This?

One of my very dear friends has the same taste in reading as myself.  If she recommends a book I am certain I too will enjoy it.  Sometimes we would read the same book simultaneously. Back in the day we would meet at the picnic table while waiting for our kids to get out of school and would discuss a particular passage we enjoyed.

Often the books were somewhat obscure.  We didn’t choose them because they were on a Best Seller list. Perhaps we liked the cover, possibly the first paragraph hooked us.

Unfortunately, our lives are busy and our kids can drive themselves wherever they want to go.  When we chat on the phone we catch up on family happenings and there isn’t much time to have a mini book club meeting.  I miss those days and I miss Kendra’s book recommendations.

We have a Goodwill bookstore in our town and one in the adjoining city as well. They are both well organized and the books are in great condition.  When my sister comes to town we make a trip to the bookstore a priority.  This trip was no different. Kar and I went the day after Christmas.

I looked at a number of books and one in particular caught my attention.  I read the back cover but decided rather than purchasing it I would see if my local library had it.  You know how I LOVE my library.  So being a paragon of self-discipline (ha) I placed the book back on the shelf after snapping a picture of the cover.

Future reading material

Future reading material

I had never heard of this book and no one has ever mentioned it to me.

Over the weekend we went to visit some friends for the afternoon.  This was the date of the infamous trip to the island that included bad traffic. Chris and her husband are avid readers and she was mentioning she was in need of some good reading material while here on vacation.  I told her about the Goodwill bookstore and she thought it sounded like a fun thing for the two of us to do.  We made a date for today and so this morning off we went.

I don’t know her well and had no idea what types of books she likes.  We went our separate ways upon arrival at the store.  I went down a different aisle than I usually go to and immediately found a book for MOMD.

photo (34)

This was irresistible because I opened to a page that talked about a guy in the 1600s that said if you could play a cowbell you could play a guitar…that they are similar instruments or some other goofy thing.  THIS requires further study, to be sure.

Back to the destination to which I was meandering-the point of this story.

As I am perusing the shelves Chris walked up to me with a book in her hand, asking if I had ever read it. You guessed it.  She had Hotel On the Corner of Bitter and Sweet in her hand.  An entire store filled with books and she brings me that book and then said that she wanted to buy it for me if I hadn’t read it.

Maybe this does not strike you as odd but it got my attention.  The book was not prominently displayed. Upon further discussion we discovered that we have read many of the same books but in different genres.

I like when these kinds of things happen. It makes me smile.  It may seem ordinary but I think it truly is a fabulous fun occurrence.

Have you ever had a similar experience?  If you would like to tell us about it you can comment in the space below.

As you might imagine, I am off to do some reading!

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