Here We Are Again!

Last year on this date I told you that November 1st is the official date for the advent of Christmas music in our home. Every year a different family member selects the first song for the family. After that you are on your own. Last year MOMD made the choice for the first time ever. Click here to read the post and find the song.

Who knew Santa played guitar?

Who knew Santa played guitar?

Here is this year’s selection. My daughter and son-in-law chose this – apparently there were 3 songs in the running and this was picked out of a hat.  Obviously our selection process is very scientific.  The person or persons choosing the song must also choose the version we are to listen to.

As I was anticipating this day I realized that for me November 1-The Official Start of Christmas music is about so much more than the music. I love the music, make no mistake. But I also enjoy the fact that is something special our family, and now some friends, have in common. It may seem insignificant but it is, in a way, a shared experience.

Each year I look for different music to add to our collection. There is fabulous music in many styles and a great diversity. Christmas music is big business so I’m guessing I’m not alone in my affinity for it.

Some songs cause me to feel a bit nostalgic because I think of those who loved them and aren’t here anymore to enjoy them. It makes me miss those people but also reminds me of the happy times.

There are the songs and memories associated with the craziness of the hooligans growing up. I have a memory of two of them spontaneously dancing around the living room as teenagers as I laughed and laughed.

Songs from church performances (me, as a listener), music from the women’s Christmas dinners, songs with which I have recently become acquainted and a CD given to me by my new friend Jayne. I am so excited to listen to it for the first time when the time is right.

I’m open to suggestions or versions of songs you think I may have missed.

When do you start your Christmas music? Please leave your comments and/or suggestions in the comment section below. And be sure and let me know what you’re choosing as your first song.



  1. Ruth Ann says:

    I just read my comment from last year, and told you my favorite Christmas song was “Mary did you know” and told you to take a listen……than forgot to post the link! LOL! Well it is still my favorite Christmas song… here is the link….take a listen!

  2. Claire says:

    The most wonderful time of the year, is a great one to start with, wow that brings wonderful memories of me & Mom watching the Andy Williams show. My favorite to start with, and I just listened to on you tube, is, drum roll please. … Nat King Coles, O Holy Night, my favorite 🙂 Enjoy the season Cindi, and may you be Blessed

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