HGG14_Thankful Thursday

Navy pilot, retired teachers, 2 physicians, many engineers, numerous luthiers, a post mistress-soon to be retired, micro beer crafter, professional musicians, retired sheriff, college professors, bartender, college students, school counselor, mosquito control guy.

Those were just a few of the professions of people with whom I spent last weekend at the 14th Harp Guitar Gathering. The weather was fabulous, leaves were turning (you can take the girl out of Autumn but you can’t get Autumn out of the girl), the music beautiful and the company superb.

The annual weekend event is jam packed with music from start to finish.

Future posts are planned in which I will tell you of some of the experiences from our time in Connecticut.  A trip to a cemetery and our travel experience on our ride home are just two of the things you’ll hear about.

I don’t want to wish my life away but I’ll just say MOMD (Man Of My Dreams) and I are both looking forward to next year’s event in CA.

You may find much more information by clicking here.

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