Holiday Season_Thankful Thursday

Holiday mug and teapotHouses are decorated (at least on the outside) for Christmas.

I must say our side of the street is poorly represented but there is still time for that to be rectified. (That may be a lightly veiled hint to any hooligans that might be reading this.)

Online shopping sites send me updates frequently. If the emails are to be believed I may not survive another day unless I act now on the offer.

The calendar is becoming filled with events and parties. Music reverberates.

Some of us love this time of year. We appreciate the decorations, food, sounds associated with this time it. The busy-ness of the season is one more facet to be enjoyed.

Others, for myriad reasons, find it frustrating, tiring or disappointing. Songs once loved now only bring sadness.

I would like to pass on two nuggets from two different sermons that our pastor has shared during this advent season. Advice, I believe, that has the potential to help now and after the lights are packed away for another year.

Don’t buy today’s gifts with tomorrow’s money.

This one was in reference to the fact that so many of us go into debt to buy all manner of stuff for people. He encouraged us to keep it simple. We were reminded of the regret that often accompanies the credit card bill in January and he noted that we can avoid the regret in January by choices made in December.

Wise words.

Find a way to make a difference.

We can honor God by remembering that this life is bigger than ourselves. We’re made for community.

We have close family members that are retired but spend a few days each week volunteering their time and talents to make this world a better place.  It’s not fancy stuff-more like bell ringing and soup kitchens but they show up, they work and lives have been touched for the better.

How is your holiday season shaping up so far? What, if anything, do you do to keep it simple?






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