Hood Friends_Thankful Thursday

What a fun time we had at lunch. Two old (relatively speaking) pals who use to play Hide and Seek, rummy, ride bikes and cause general mayhem getting together to overeat and catch up on life.

There is something about the shared memories of growing up on the same street that makes for a special relationship.

Decades later we can get together and talk for hours as if we just saw each other yesterday. We both moved to the same state more than thirty years ago-living about sixty miles apart. Between raising of families, work and life we hadn’t seen each other in twenty plus years. A few years back, however, after becoming reacquainted through Facebook we decided to meet for lunch. It was great to see each other then as well.

We were fortunate to grow up in a neighborhood where people watched out for one another, playing outside was encouraged and friendships remained.

There is one cute thing that I will ALWAYS associate with the family of the woman I met with today. There were eight kids, including two sets of twin girls. They were a busy bunch of kids. Their parents had a sure-fire way to get those kids home for dinner or any other occasion. Their back yard was home to a large bell. When that bell was rung those kids dropped or stopped whatever they were doing. No dilly dallying for them. And if one of the kids was inside a neighbor’s house and didn’t hear the bell someone was certain to locate the kid and pass on the information that the bell had been rung.

Today I am thankful for hood friends!


  1. Karen Boyes says:

    This me of my childhood. My mom would call us home by whistling for us! Her whistle was very impressive: loud, shrill, and unmistakable. We would drop whatever we were doing and trot home. If we were inside a friend’s home and didn’t hear her, someone would come inside and let us know.
    When she and my dad came to my children’s sporting events, they could count on hearing her whistle when something exciting happened in a game.
    What is funny about this is that my mom’s personality is reserved and she is a proper Southern lady! I’m pretty proud of her, and her talent!

  2. Lynn says:

    Funny, we had a dinner bell that was rung to gather us! I wonder what happened to it. I guess you don’t need the physical object in hand to bring back the memories;) That realization should be helpful long about now…
    Cindi, thanks for sharing your life in this blog. You have encouraged us by your sharing and have been used to motivate in ways you could never have imagined!

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