I Wouldn’t Call It Bossy…

It’s not really that I’m bossy.

Survey On Clipboard Shows Very Good Rating

Survey On Clipboard Shows Very Good Rating

Let’s just say that I have very good ideas and worthwhile opinions.

In the spirit of sharing I will now present you with some of my very good ideas and worthwhile opinions in order to get your take on things.

Get Out Of The Way

In the United States of America, to the best of my knowledge, it is a driver’s obligation to get out of the way of emergency vehicles.  Move over so they can pass. If you have trouble with this try to imagine it is your family member or friend that needs the ambulance there as quickly as possible.

Do Not Drive Under The Influence of Alcohol, Drugs or Anger

If you have been drinking or drugging and need to get somewhere call a cab or a sober friend.  If you are angry walk around the block. Many times, if necessary. Do not get behind the wheel.

Sit, Stand, Walk

Are you healthy enough to move? Then do it! No marathon necessary. Just move. We have a dear, dear friend who is currently unable to do more than sleep and get to the restroom.  I believe, with all my heart, that if he had the capability to do more, he would.  As a matter of fact, even when he felt really really badly he pushed himself to walk as much as he could. Until he couldn’t.

Say Please And Thank You

Did someone encourage you to try something new, which in turn led to a great career change? Say thank you.

Would you like your spouse to get you a glass of water? Say please.

Did your child vacuum the entire house while you were gone? Don’t look for the spot he missed. Say thank you.

Do you need help from a co-worker? Remember to say please when you ask.

Focus On The Good

In order to focus on the good we often have to look really hard to find the good.  It takes works. Usually it is easier to find the negative in a situation.  We might not be driving the newest or fanciest car but if our vehicle gets us where we need to go then that’s a good thing.

Okay, so maybe I am a little bossy but I do have good ideas, right?

What good ideas do you want to share with us?




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