Ice Cream For Dinner vs. New, Bright and Shiny.

New. Bright. Shiny.

That’s how I wanted my first anniversary post to be. It was an expectation I’ve had in the back of my mind.

But then I came to my senses because the stress I would have placed on myself would not have been worth it. I also would have missed out on some pretty great moments over the last few weeks.

One thing that blogging has helped solidify in my life is that Life often intersects with Expectations and a choice must be made. I can fuss and toil and beat myself up because everything isn’t EXACTLY the way I would like it OR I can enjoy what comes, give it my best shot and be grateful.

Tonight I picked up a friend, put the top down on the convertible and drove along the beach. The weather was superb, the company fabulous and we ate ice cream for dinner. Can life truly get much better than that?

Other stuff came up this week that I allowed to prevent me from adding some new features to Seemingly Ordinary. I’m okay with it though.

So for right now, things look pretty much the same going into the second year. Nothing new, bright or shiny.

The good news? Ice cream for dinner, a ride down the beach and an early morning bike ride with a hooligan.


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