How thankful I am for imagination and the ability to think beyond today.



Last summer I visited the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. The grounds, the home, the village were all beautiful and beyond anything I had ever seen. As I listened to the audio tour and read the information I tried to picture what it must have been like to live there.  How it felt to own such a massive residence.


Imagination plus a whole lot of money plus a whole lot of work went into the creation of the area.  On the tour that we were a part of we heard that even the landscaping and forest surrounding the home were all part of a grand design. A design that the creators knew they couldn’t possibly live long enough to enjoy. They were able to imagine what it would look like 100 years later when the trees were mature.

Scientists, engineers, doctors, teachers and many others use their imaginations (and knowledges and skills, of course) when they study, build, heal, teach. All of those individuals were once children-equipped with imagination and growing in confidence that they could make a difference in someone’s future.

As I have been pondering this it hit me that is never too late to think beyond the immediate and use my imagination and skills to make a difference.

What possibilities cross your mind? Have you imagined something that could make a difference?

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