In Which Cindi Is Photoshopped As A Bridesmaid

Something very VERY odd happened. I saw a picture of myself ( or someone bearing a strong resemblance) as a bridesmaid from a wedding that occurred 35 years ago. Ok, that in and of itself isn’t all THAT weird. What IS weird is that I have absolutely no recollection of standing up in or even attending the wedding.

Usually I have an extremely good memory for detail.  Family and friends will confirm this. I remember some story from eons ago and will mention it to, say, MOMD. He will look at me in astonishment and say, “How do you REMEMBER that stuff?” I don’t have a good answer for him…the memory is just there, clear as a bell.

Needless to say this wedding picture, with me as a bridesmaid has me flummoxed. I first saw this on FB and saw that I was “tagged” in it. Some of my FB friends even “liked” it. I sat there staring at it for the longest time, trying to jog a memory of the event. I know the bride and groom and 3 other people in the wedding party.

I texted my friend, one of the other bridesmaids, and told her I didn’t think it was me. She thought I was joking and when I explained I was not kidding she told me I was freaking her out.  Trust me, no one is more freaked out about this than me right now. She even told me in two separate texts that the bridesmaids’ dresses were pink. This did not help as I have been looking at the picture in which the bridesmaids’ dresses are pink.

I messaged the bride and groom. They confirmed that I was in their wedding. They even called me and we became somewhat reacquainted, had some good laughs. They got married in a city I don’t ever remember being in and had their rehearsal dinner in a restaurant that doesn’t even sound vaguely familiar. Before you get any brilliant ideas, let me assure you, there was no alcohol or any other substance abuse involved.

I’ve heard that everyone has a double somewhere in the world. I believe my double stood up in that wedding and had her picture snapped so she could:

a) eat my piece of the wedding cake

b) drive me absolutely crazy for an entire day

c) get to wear the pretty pink bridesmaid dress

d) trick me into downloading the photo and then zooming in on the picture to see if the bridesmaid has a widow’s peak like myself (hypothetical)

e) all of the above.

There are 3 other options.


Someone, for some unknown reason, photoshopped me into this picture. People do that kind of crazy stuff. There is a family photo on one of my best friend’s wall, in which her former daughter in law is swapped out and the current (and lifelong) daughter in law has been inserted by a very resourceful graphic artist type. They are a clever and talented family, by the way.

It is a case of mistaken identity.

I was in the wedding, wearing a pretty pink dress and a cornball cheesy expression and have just plumb forgotten the entire thing.


I have asked the bride and groom to send me more pictures. This will give me further opportunity to (hypothetically) compare widow’s peaks or other distinguishing features.

Come back soon. I don’t think we’ve heard the end of this.


Seemingly Ordinary Sherlock


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  1. Kathy Saul says:

    Stunt double? Very strange, indeed. I loved your word”flummoxed”. Keep searching. There must be some logical explanation for the memory lapse.

    • Cindi says:

      Aw Kathy, I thought you were going to be on my side… I wasnt’ thinking you were going to say “memory lapse”! 🙂 I like the stunt double idea much better.

  2. Claire says:

    Sounds eerie to me!!!! Is it possible you hit your head, maybe a case of amnesia? I doubt it. maybe someone is playing a great April fools joke, a little late 🙂 can’t wait to check out this pic. Good luck in figuring this out.

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