Inspirations All Around

typographic-poster-design-future-belongs-to-those-who-believe-in-their-drea_MyRTZVOdWhen I read a biography of one of our Founding Fathers or someone willing to sacrifice time and effort to create something he or she may never live long enough see come to fruition I am astonished.

Currently, I’m reading a book that tells just a small part of the life of Booker T. Washington and I am stunned by his fortitude and perseverance. Coming out of slavery he became a leader, educator and inspiration to Black and White alike.

In these scenarios the “main characters” probably would be shocked to realize how many books have been written about their heroic deeds and foresight.

From what I can tell the people who do great things don’t do them for applause or recognition.

We don’t know the things of which we are capable.

An image comes to mind of the firefighters raising the United States flag on September 11, 2001. When I was able to see this flag on display at the Smithsonian, the same one recovered from the World Trade center, I wept.

It brought back some of the emotions of that day.  The horror and disbelief. The tears for our country and our world.  I remembered how first responders entered buildings no one wants to enter. They knew they were rushing into an inferno and that they most likely would die.  But they did it anyway.

And in the midst of it the Stars and Stripes were displayed.  Ragged, tattered and burned.  It became, for many, a symbol of hope and solidarity. When I saw that flag at the Smithsonian I thought of those first responders who did MANY great things that day.  Not for glory or for praise.

That is inspiring to me.

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