Internet and WiFi_Thankful Thursday

Bad stuff happens on the internet. No need to go into all of the gory details of lives and relationships destroyed as a result of social media, pornography and other abuses.

Good things happen on the internet as well.

Here is my disclaimer, or rather, qualifier: I would ALWAYS rather spend time with someone in person. ALWAYS. However, as we all know, that is not always possible.

One of the hooligans lives very far away. I miss her terribly and am grateful for every moment we have together. But 4000 miles separate us so time breathing the same air is quite limited. My heart is happy, though, when I receive a text or a message on FB.

MOMD and I did some leaf peeping this past week and used Facetime so another hooligan could see some breathtaking scenery as we drove across the mountain. Below is just one sample of what we saw. More to follow in the days to come.

A little bit of leaf peepin'

A little bit of leaf peepin’

An acquaintance is moving back to her native country tomorrow and we will probably never see each other in person again. We can email and stay in contact via social media.

I do realize that before there was internet and WiFi there were maps and landline telephones and directory assistance. Technology often makes research more convenient.

We used our phones to locate the cabin in which we stayed, read reviews of a local restaurant and place a rental car reservation. 

Technology and social media are a large part of my life. Without it I wouldn’t be writing this blog and you wouldn’t be reading it. Thank you, by the way, for reading and occasionally sharing (hint, hint). Subtlety is not my strong suit.

I hope you found at least one thing for which to be thankful today.  If you would like to share in the comment section below I would be glad to hear about it!



  1. Ruth Ann says:

    I got the hint,Cindi….LOL! I can so relate to how you feel, about missing that hooligan that lives 4,000 miles away……I remember how I felt when my only daughter moved to North Carolina, it is not easy letting go….with so much distance in miles, between you…..I remember when you and MOMD moved 2,000 miles away…..I felt so sad, knowing I couldn’t just drive a few miles away, to see you guys… also made me sad, knowing I would miss seeing the hooligans while they were growing up…..but such is life…..we are all and a journey, and it is forever changing scenery…..I would never have imagined myself where I am now, on this journey called LIFE……I love and miss you guys!!!

    • Cindi says:

      Ruth Ann, It was sooooo hard to move away from you and and the rest of the family and friends. You and Al did such a great job of staying in touch and we all looked forward to your visits and Christmas ornaments! We would love to see you here this winter. You’ll get to see most of the hooligans and get some sand between the toes.

  2. Nancy Bauer says:

    All the wonderful new conveniences of life! We lived through a time when you were glad to scribble a note or card to friends or family far away. Calling on the phone was expensive long distance so it was used only on special ocassions or, after a certain hour! We now have the luxury of so many new things, it’s still amazing to me but great! I wish we had had gps when I was younger, I always got lost but found a lot of interesting places! Love to you all!

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