Intertwined_Thankful Thursday

This week I gave a bridal shower, attended a funeral, tagged along to a doctor’s appointment, attended a birthday celebration.  We regularly participate in these types of things…sometimes without thinking of the significance at the time.

The bridal shower was a joyful experience. Our soon to be daughter in law was shown the love from family and friends that she so richly deserves. Stories were shared, much food was consumed, cards were read aloud. A friend of mine, who had never met the bride to be, hosted the shower in her home and prepared most of the food (thereby explaining why it was delicious). How generous of her!

The birthday celebration was low key but so nice. The birthday woman is much loved and it was a pleasure to spend the day with her and a few others.

The celebration of life (funeral) that I attended was an example of how joy and sorrow truly can appear simultaneously. I had only met the deceased once but upon leaving the service I felt like I knew him just a little bit better. Reference was made about his integrity, sense of humor, devotion as a father, husband, friend. We heard a little about his musical taste as well as his affinity for cherry milkshakes from a local hangout.

MOMD will soon have total hip replacement, which is why I tagged along to the doctor appointment. I wanted to find out what would be required of me as caretaker. How many days will I have to be nice.  Fortunately for me (and Man Of My Dreams) it is rumored that the recovery for this surgery is less difficult than that for the rotator cuff surgeries earlier this year. The emotions surrounding this appointment have to do with the fact that this same surgeon performed a hip replacement on my dad that was nothing short of miraculous. When I listen to the surgeon I’m thinking about MOMD but also my dad.

This week I am reminded how our lives, our events, our emotions intersect-often without us realizing it until we slow down long enough to reflect.

By the way, after this surgery I will be married to bionic man. Eat your heart out, girls!

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