It’s A Great Day_Thankful Thursday


For the last few days I have been circling back to gratefulness. A book I’m reading right before nodding off has reminded me about being present. Living in the moment that I’m experiencing right now. Enjoying the experience for what it is in that moment.


I live a seemingly ordinary life. If anyone cared enough to observe from a distance they might surrender to sleep within minutes of surveilling my activities.

Here is the thing, though. It is a beautiful life, filled with wondrous events and people.

Come along with me as I tell you about all the cool stuff and people that were part of today.

I got to make MOMD breakfast and get his lunch ready. When I opened the fridge I had food with which to make a nutritious meal.

MOMD (Man Of My Dreams) can’t drive right now as he is still recovering from surgery so I got to spend time with him as I chauffeured him to work and back. My car worked perfectly (except for the annoying squeak). The windshield wipers kept the rain away, the tank was full of gas and the relatively new tires plowed through the puddles without a problem.

Music in the background as I check emails.

I was able to work for a few hours before a couple of the male hooligans stopped by to help me move something. They stayed for coffee and pumpkin bread and we were able to spend a few hours talking. Another hooligan texted to say she loves me. (For those new here hooligans is a term of endearment for my kids)

There was a small dinner with MOMD. Texts from friends and family members. Off to zumba. Healthy enough to DO zumba. A hot shower. Popcorn and an hour of watching television.

It may not sound too exciting. No sailing the open seas or having an audience with the Queen.

Today I had a loving family, food to eat, a healthy body, a working vehicle. Clean water. Music.

Would you not agree that a day like this is cause for rejoicing? It truly is a Thankful Thursday.

Thank you for reading!

Anything special to report about your day? Please leave a comment in the section below.




  1. Claire says:

    My hubby and I had a very unexpected visit today, from Neighbors from our up North home. We had a great visit shared a meal together, and much laughter. . They are here in Fla for a short time, and we are here for the winter season. I’m Thankful they took the time to stop in and see us for the little time their here. We live just down the road from each other, back at home yet it took 1300 miles for us to get together and share time. Wow!! Thankful for Neighbors..

    • Cindi says:

      So glad you had a good day! I don’t blame them one bit for wanting to spend time with you and hubby…even if it means traveling 1300 miles to do so! Love you!

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