It’s A Privilege

We live in a beautiful, wonder-filled world. I would urge you to take a minute and think of some of the things that make it so for you.

Is it being outdoors with a pair of binoculars following the flight of a bird?

Perhaps attending a concert performed by your favorite musical talent.

Maybe it is hearing a child laugh. Quite possibly it is the scent of your favorite flower.

Whatever it is for you (and for me) we have so much for which to be grateful.

I bring this up because it seems like so many conversations that I am a part of or overhear lately seem to have a common theme.

  • Time is short.
  • Being alive is a gift, a privilege.
  • We shouldn’t take time for granted because it can’t be replaced and we know not how much we are allotted.

Enjoy the things in life that remind you why it is a privilege to be alive.

For example, our family likes to eat? There is always food involved when we get together.

My sweet and wonderful cousin sent me this today. I am not sure if she wrote it or found it somewhere but this pretty well sums it up in my book.

We need to…

Make time for family, food, friends, food, vacations, food, trips, food, laughter, more food, relaxing with food, dancing at cousins houses with food, enjoying time together.

What things in life make you glad? Content?



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