It’s (Not) About The Decorations

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By now you may be catching on that I love Christmas.

Most of all, I love the Christ of Christmas.

The month of December is filled with activities and parties and food and music and, well, just everything festive and fattening.

This December has been no different.

Extroverts such as myself tend to over-commit to things and this December has been no different.

Back in the summer MOMD and I signed up to host a Christmas gathering for our home fellowship group.  That event was last night.  Dusting (MOMD took care of that), floors need mopping, bathrooms need sprucing and all types of things that should be done for the special people that are here EVERY day-you know, my peeps.

But isn’t it much more fun to wait until the last moment, prepare food, put up decorations and wring every last ounce of joy from hosting any event by becoming a tense, crabby shrew, all the while exclaiming how much I love the Christmas season?

No, not really.

Fortunately, in part, because of the trick I played on the hooligans on Thanksgiving the house was decorated and I have been a delightful diva of entertaining energy. Well, maybe that is going a bit far but I haven’t felt stressed (yet) about the holidays.

A few months back I was invited to be part of a committee in charge of a ladies dinner at church.  I said yes only to find out the event was this past weekend as well. I did very little with regards to the committee. The other women did so much more. This is not false modesty speaking.

The evening goes as follows.

Women volunteer to decorate and host a table at the event.  The event is then opened up to to the women of the church.  They purchase tickets to attend and are assigned a seat at someone’s table or the hostess can invite guests that don’t attend our church to be her guests.  I had the privilege of inviting some of my darling neighbor women and one woman from church to sit at my table.

The tables are to be decorated the night before the event.  Dishes and tablecloths and centerpieces are brought from home. Every table is lovely.  I even ironed (without injury) the cloth napkins for my table.

This is a BIG DEAL…the ironing, that is.

Thank you Pinterest for step by step instructions on napkin folding.

The ironed napkin

The ironed napkin

I was feeling good about it all when I arrived at church to decorate. Other women had already set up their tables and they were LOVELY.

Now I know that none of you have ever had a thought like what I experienced next.

I looked at the other tables and then I looked at my dishes that I bought from Dollar General before the dawn of man and the oblong table topper that is almost as old. It was at that moment that I thought mine didn’t quite measure up.  My table topper was the wrong shape. The horror of it all!  WHAT WAS I THINKING?

I hopped in my somewhat trusty car and drove over to Target, found a nice round table topper, drove home, ironed THAT and ran back to the church.  I’ve mentioned before that my church is literally on the street outside of my neighborhood.  Even as I was driving hither and yon I was telling myself that I was being a TRIFLE silly.

A discussion with a few of the other ladies began when I walked back in with my new table topper.  We talked about how we strive so and how so much of what we stress about means so little.  One of the ladies commented that, after all, the dinner really was about blessing the women who would be in attendance.  She then went on to say, “It’s not about the decorations.”

She was right BUT one of the women on the committee had already been at the church for at least 5 or 6 hours decorating the room, not to mention setting a beautiful table.  It was at this point I yelled to her, “Hey, Soni, did you hear that?  It’s not about the decorations. I guess you can quit now.”  We all laughed and laughed-at ourselves.

The lovely Soni.  The woman who spent countless hours decorating only to hear "It's not about the decorations!"

The lovely Soni. The woman who spent countless hours decorating only to hear “It’s not about the decorations!”


We agreed that to the women attending the event it would be lovely.  It would be special.

We couldn’t imagine a woman entering the facility, walking up to the table to which she was assigned and say, “Please seat me at another table.  I am NOT going to sit at a table with an oblong table cloth.  Nope, only a table with a round table topper will do for me.”

So why do we let those little incidentals try and trip us up and rob our joy?

Of course we all wanted it to look nice for the event.

We wanted the food to be good (it was delicious) and the music to be beautiful (exceeded expectations) and the speaker to touch hearts (again, even better than expected).

Two darling neighbors enjoying a great evening.

Two darling neighbors enjoying a great evening.


My table of women thoroughly enjoyed themselves, requested that they be invited next year, gave me a lovely bouquet of flowers and a candle.

The evening was a success and my heart soared.

The dishes were washed and set out in anticipation of our home fellowship party.

And though booking two large events in one weekend seemed like a crazy thing to do I was excited as our friends arrived.

After all, I now had the round table topper to ensure the evening’s success.

I’m sure you’ve got SOMETHING to say about all this.  You can leave your comments in the box below.



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      Thank you! You are always so kind. Just when I think I’ve gotten past some of my dumb thoughts they came lumbering out like a bear coming out of hibernation.

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