Just This Once

No Thankful Thursday this week.

Instead it is Fabulous Friday.

It seemed like an ordinary kind of day.

But I started thinking about it and came to the conclusion it really was a fabulous day.

I talked to my first friend for a little bit today. We were little girls together decades ago. Our dads were the best of pals and our moms were as well.

I got to cut the grass. This is something for which I’m grateful because it means I have a home. And the ability, health and equipment to cut the grass.

A longtime acquaintance was declared cancer free. I imagine it truly is about the most fabulous Friday she has ever had.

My part time job kept me really busy today doing stuff I like. I’m really grateful for my part time job that is just what I said I wanted after I left my job of 10 years.

My bicycle beckoned so I took a spin through the park. Especially wonderful were the shady parts.

That delicious piece of leftover pizza made for a mighty fine breakfast. Even better was the fact that it reminded me that I got treated to lunch yesterday by middle hooligan and his terrific fiance.

Here’s something else that made today fabulous. When I cut the grass this week I didn’t see this guy like I did last week.


Let’s back up to last week while I’m thinking about it.

Last Friday I was cutting the grass and MOMD was edging and getting ready to blow off the driveway and sidewalk. I finished mowing so I decided to get rid of some of the dead palm fonds hanging off the tree. I hacked away with my dull hedge trimmers for a bit but that didn’t work so well so I just reached in and started pulling them out.


I reached in to pull out the fonds and what to my wondering eyes did appear? This curled up snake did not make me cheer.

As a matter of fact I let out a gasp, dropped the hedge trimmers and left everything right where it was. I went and told MOMD that the tree was as trimmed as it was going to be.  He gave me the standard lie that people say, “that snake is more afraid of you than you are of him (or her).” That is a line of hooey if I ever heard one. Anyway, my work there was done and my nicely air-conditioned house was calling anyway.

MOMD came in a little later and explained that he was a little taken aback to see the snake in the tree…he thought I said it had just slithered on by. Nope. I had my hand right near that thing and it looks like that reptile has taken up residence there. As you probably guessed MOMD was my photographer on this mission.

So just this once I substituted Fabulous Friday for Thankful Thursday. I hope yours has been a snake free fabulous Friday as well.


  1. Pat klug says:

    I am one of those people who do not go into uncontrollable panic when they see a snake. That being said, I also like to know they are the non-poisonous variety, before I get too close. Do you have any clue what this one was? It looked like a diamond pattern, that would make me nervous ! I do remember the time your mom had a snake in the clothes dryer…good times!

    • Cindi says:

      Honestly, Pat, I’m not scared if I see one slithering along the ground. It was the almost “reach out and touch one” that almost got me. There is still debate as to what this one is…I just thought of someone I can ask for sure. Stay tuned.
      Remember how my Gram couldn’t even see a snake on television without going into the uncontrollable panic of which you spoke?

  2. Claire says:

    Cindi, u may have been very lucky, that snake didn’t strike, Bill & I agree it looks like a Diamond back rattler . With it all coiled up u can not see the end. I’m grateful for the gorgeous sunny but, cool breezy days we have had, and our week ahead looks the same 🙂 Thankful for today….

  3. Kathy Saul says:

    Cindi, my MOMD, Phil, is 99.9% certain that the snake in question is a red rat snake. They are very beneficial as snakes go. So, don’t harm it & they really are as scared if you as we are of them!!!!

    • Cindi says:

      HMMM. I don’t know, Kathy. I know you and Phil and Tam are big nature people and not the scaredy cat I am, for sure. That trim will not touched by me for a long time…as in never. 🙂

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