Kar’s Stuff

After Karen passed away there was much to be done.  Many situations that needed tending to…some immediately, some that still need attention.  For instance, there will be a video production about her life that still needs doing.

Karen had stuff and clothes and shoes and, well, just stuff.   She lived in the house in which we grew up and so things accumulated.  The house was sold but all of the belongings that one leaves behind needed to be dispersed.

Enter near and dear friends.  Those who came helped by emptying drawers and closets. No names will be mentioned because they wouldn’t want to be mentioned but you know who you are.  Trips to donation centers ensued.  Furniture shuttled away. The stove was donated to someone who needed one.  Yard art, televisions, trinkets distributed among friends.

Living approximately 1200 miles away prevented me from bringing too much stuff home.  (Thank goodness as I am still trying to declutter my own stuff).

One friend, however, has spent innumerable hours revitalizing, cleaning and repurposing stuff from Karen’s house. She has scrubbed, dusted and relocated the things Kar no longer needs.



The shoeboxes to which my dear friend refers are sent around the world so children might have a few things to call their own.  My friend has done a lot of boxes for a lot of children for many years. Karen’s stuff will bring joy to children in a different part of the world because my friend took the time to make a difference. My day is just a whole lot brighter because she let me know.


  1. Nancy Bauer says:

    Karen would love knowing how her things made so many children happy! What a great way for her memory to live on!💕💕💕

  2. Kate says:

    You have wonderful caring friends,who loved Karen as well as you. See there are many I seen angles amongst us,
    Lucky children who will get these loves dolls.
    Love ya

  3. Cathy says:

    You have such wonderful friends Cindi, I know that Karen is smiling down on us right now. Hugs and much love first friend

  4. Marcia says:

    Cindi, You are such a kind, thoughtful soul. I know Karen would be so happy that you are making so many happy with her cherished possessions.

    • Cindi says:

      Thank you Marcia. I had very little to do with this, but, thank you. My friend did the work. I just get to be blessed by knowing little kids will be snuggling those toys. xoxox

  5. Catherine A Tellish says:

    What a wonderful gift from a great friend. Alleviating some of the stress of dispersing possessions while you and your family are still dealing with other matters is a godsend. It is a wonderful tribute to Karen.

    • Cindi says:

      Cathy, Amazingly true. When we are dealing with the reality of a person’s passing it is so hard to even think about getting rid of his/her possessions. I won’t forget those who came along side and worked so hard! And those who prayed…

  6. Karen L Olson says:

    Finally looked at your blog, Cindi! It’s wonderful. I was happy to read about how you & friends have dispersed Karen’s wordly posessions in such a thoughtful manner. Every night I ask God to bless my friend Karen in Heaven and tell her I love her & miss her very much.

    • Cindi says:

      Thank you. It has been a tough time but also a time filled with so many blessings. I hope you are well. We have still not done the video about Kar but when we do, I will let you know.

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