Last Post

You are reading my last post.

It has been a great experience. I’ve learned more about myself then I thought possible for a woman of a certain age. You’ve encouraged me and made me laugh. I’ve been brought to tears by some of your comments, both here on this blog and when we’ve had a chance to talk face-to-face.

I’ve been touched by the seemingly ordinary events and people that have come along. MOMD and the hooligans and others have been more supportive than I could have imagined.

Fresh insights have come in the form of bike rides through the parks, vacations and every day occurrences.  Maybe you remember Ed.  Did you join me in my attempt at overcoming the clutter?

You were there with me (at least vicariously) at my high school reunion.

We’ve shared some thoughts about progress verses perfectionism. Learned a little about Laura Ingalls Wilder.

There have been bittersweet moments when we said See Ya Later to Deb and Ron moved to a better place.  Both are missed here though.

And so I want to thank you. Tell you how special this last year has been for me. Acknowledge how important you are to me in this last post.

This is not goodbye.

It is my last post.

My last post of the first year of this blog.

You aren’t getting rid of me that easily! At least I hope not.

It’s been a wild ride, this first year of blogging. Tomorrow, July 1, marks the one year anniversary of Seemingly Ordinary. Thanks again!

Come back tomorrow and see what kind of mischief we can find.

Gratefulness matters!




  1. Kathy Parks Gagneau says:

    I was really disappointed when reading this blog. I thought you weren’t going to be writing anymore and I truly enjoy reading your blogs. Nice surprise at the end. Thanks for each of your blogs. I am truly grateful for them.

    • Cindi says:

      Kathy, thank you! It means so much to me to know you enjoy reading the blogs. Next time I make it up your way let’s make a date to get together! I would love to see you in person and yak it up.

  2. Claire says:

    Wow you got me for a moment… A new year of blogging begins, congratulations! Happy Anniversary. I look forward to the seemingly ordinary, and am grateful for the blogger 🙂 Keep on” blogging”on.

    • Cindi says:

      Thanks sis! Grateful for you and your encouragement along the way. Looking forward to our bike rides. Get back here!!!

  3. Kathy Saul says:

    Thank you for the twist! It took me off guard, but happy to hear that it is another new beginning. I’m not done laughing or being touched by your sharing ways. You have become a part of my day, Cindy.

    • Cindi says:

      Kathy, you have been such an encouragement to me this year. Thank you for reading and commenting! One of these days we need to get together in person. I appreciate you.

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