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Our friend Ron passed away the day after I wrote this. His body was laid to rest this past weekend after an uplifting funeral and service celebrating his life.  The service included music, a slideshow and stories about him which reminded us of his love for God, family, music and laughter.

Death is sobering.

It is also thought provoking and can inspire self-examination in those left behind. Here are a few of the things that came to mind over the last few weeks.

Time seems to go faster as we age

As MOMD and I drove to the family’s home afterward we talked about how time seems to go faster and faster the older we get.  When we were younger we were under the mistaken impression that time creeps along. I’m not sure we realized just what a precious commodity every moment represents.

Priorities change

We discussed the fact that many of the things we once thought important are no longer even remembered.  Relationships are even more vital. How we have invested in others becomes our focus.

How we live has a direct result on many things that happen later

As I sat with Deb, Ron’s widow (gosh I HATE that word),  last week she told me how overwhelmed she was by the care and generosity of family and friends.  I turned to her and replied, “You get what you’ve given.”

Have you noticed that?

The people who show up to help others in their time of need are, in turn, taken care of when needed.

Deb and Ron helped people in need. A few years before Ron was diagnosed with cancer he drove a friend to many of his doctor appointments. He and Deb delivered meals and have been a support to the widow when that man passed away. I’m pretty sure that much of the love and care being showered on Deb and family is a direct result of what they have poured into others’ lives.

A person’s life can have a lasting impact that reaches beyond the grave

Ron never realized how he touched people just by being who he was. His simple faith, especially in all that he went through physically, was an amazing thing to watch. This (and many other things) were talked about as we celebrated his life. I know that even the funeral, put together by family members and his pastor, was encouraging. There were tears-please don’t misunderstand. But there was joy and strength and peace as well.

The bottom line in all of this is gratefulness matters and so does how we live out the days we are allotted.

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  1. Dianne Labadie says:

    I realized a long time ago that my life is not my own. When we are a Christian, we are chosen to represent the name of Christ, just as we would want to be a favorable representation of our Family name. Service to others is what Christ did out of love for all of us. Emulating that in my life has been my most meaningful calling in this life. Time is going to go as fast as it does, I stopped trying to keep up a long time ago. I have no need to worry for myself, Christ says He will be with me always! I’m good with just that. As for others that don’t know Him, they keep me on my knees, praying they will, so that one day when they come to the end of this life, they will enjoy the continuation of their life in His Heavenly Kingdom! Oh Glorious Day!

  2. Martha says:

    Yes, time has been flying by for me long before I realized it. When I think back to the early days of my marriage to Mike and the birth of our children it seems like it was just a few years ago. Last week I just saw my oldest granddaughter graduate from high school! And it’s almost been two years since Mike went to be with the Lord. Oh how faithful God has been in the long and short of it. He is my eternal home.

  3. Bonnie says:

    I was out of town so I could not make it.
    I did get a chance to see them about a month ago. I thought at the time I bet I will never see him on this side of heaven and I did not. Life is so short my goal this year is to make memories.

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