Let’s All Give Each Other A Break

I would like to remind each and every one of us that if our cashier is moving just a little slower than we think she should, let’s give her a break.  She may have already been on her feet for 5 hours and she is doing her best.  A smile might be just the thing she needs from us to get her moving a little quicker.

The server at our favorite restaurant would appreciate it so much if we left her at least a 20% tip.  She knows we are tired from shopping but she is counting on those tips because her hourly wage isn’t all that great. She’s hoping we factored in a tip when we decided we could afford to eat at her establishment.

The nurses, doctors, EMTs, firefighters and so many others are doing their jobs on Christmas day even though their families are home having dinner and opening gifts. They knew they’d have to work some holidays when they chose their professions but that doesn’t mean they aren’t a tiny bit sad about missing the time with their families.

The police officer that has been tasked with coming to your neighbor’s house on a domestic dispute probably isn’t all that excited about walking into such a volatile situation. He does it because that’s his or her job.  He knows that the alcohol, stress, drugs and myriad other circumstances in homes across this nation all are contributing factors to domestic abuse and it his or her job to help provide safety.

These are just a few of the people I have thinking of this holiday season and I’m hoping we can do better at giving one another a break.

What are your thoughts?

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