Let’s Review

I met with some people today and in the midst of our conversation I mentioned that I write a daily blog.  They were curious what my blog is about.  That’s a fair question but I am never certain how to answer it. Most blogs have a niche or topic on which they are centered.

For instance home decorating or photography or European travel on a budget.  I certainly cannot lay claim to any of those. I write about gratefulness, but not always.

I’ve told you why MOMD doesn’t honk his horn but unless you have been reading for a while you may not know that MOMD is the Man Of My Dreams-husband of almost 32 years.

I gave my side of the story on the police chase in which I was involved.  You can read that here.

Many of my posts center around the goofy predicaments in which I find myself.  On occasion, however, I relate stories that I find entertaining or hilarious in which I had no part.  One such story involved a clown, a scarecrow and a ballerina.

I’ve written about candle hoarding, decorating for Christmas, my 5 hooligans and how blogging and homemade pizza are similar.

As I think about all the crazy stuff I think and write about it comes down to a few basic themes.

  • There is MUCH for which to be grateful-especially the people in my life.
  • Humor can be found in almost any situation-even those that aren’t suppose to be funny.
  • I ask even more questions than I use to, which seems impossible.


Speaking of questions, I have one for you.

What other types of blogs do you read?

Gratefulness matters!


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