Letting Go

Releasing the grip on the past

Releasing the grip on the past


Refusal to let go of the past will get you stuck in the desert.  The desert can be defined as a barren land where living conditions are hostile for plant and animal life.  Constantly looking back rather than forward is bondage.

We were reminded during this morning’s sermon that every choice we make exhibits our faith.

Our pastor shared that he and his wife have a friend who is stuck in the past.  Everything in her life is colored by things that happened to her a long time ago.  It seems that she refuses to move towards a place of freedom and forgiveness.

The point was made that not letting go of the past will cost us our future because we miss the good things in store for us.

This caught my attention.  Bitter parents raise bitter children.

We were encouraged to reflect on the thought that the journey from what was to what can be will be filled with frustration and sorrow as well as joy and freedom.  The choice is ours.

I would like to thank my pastor, Ancil, for giving me permission to share these thoughts on my blog.

Rose-petal with notebook.

I hope I took good notes.

If not, the fault is mine-because the sermon was good!


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