Life Hats

My post yesterday was centered on the hats that we wear.

Most of us wear multiple hats.


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We might even look good in the majority of those hats.  Wearing a lot of hats at once can be tiring and cause uncertainty.

I question if I am doing enough or doing things perfectly.  But then I have an aha moment and realize I am doing the very best I can do and that I am after progress not perfection.  Now, where have I heard that before?

I was thinking about this and realized we are not the hats we wear.

Yes, we are shaped by our roles and those roles play an integral part of who we are becoming.

For example, if one of your roles currently is that of caretaker it is my guess that compassion and empathy are being developed in you.  If you are a business owner the skills necessary to launch and maintain the venture are numerous and diverse.

But those hats probably will be exchanged for different ones in the future.  Change is a given.

What will that mean?

  • We must eventually accept the change.
  • We get the opportunity to incorporate the things we learned from our last role.
  • We then have the challenge to learn new skills as we transition.

The question becomes how do we handle the shift?  I will be jotting down some ideas about this in tomorrow’s post.

Thank you for reading.  What hats have you exchanged this year?


  1. Amy Turon says:

    The statement “We are not the hats we wear” is a truth that stands on its own. For in fact, we are NOT the hats. Those hats represent actions and commitments, but they do not define us. Our roles change, but who we are remains underneath as the foundation of our lives. Hats come and go, but we remain steady as the person we are under the hats.

    • Cindi says:

      Amy, I love how you put that_ the foundation of our lives. It is so true. Thank you for visiting my blog and adding such thoughtful comments my friend.

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