Line Dancing_Thankful Thursday

old-cowboy-boots_I still love zumba, bike riding and swimming. A morning kayak trip is on the horizon.

Of late I’ve added one more activity whereby I may humiliate AND enjoy myself simultaneously.

As is true about most things in life there are always lessons to be learned, opinions to be formed and fun to be had.

Six Things About Line Dancing

It’s harder than it looks.

Line dancing for 3 hours is a good workout.

Stomping, kicking and moving in the same direction with others is satisfying. No wonder herds stampede.

Gender, age and talent (or lack thereof) does not determine the amount of fun to be had while participating.

Despite the opinion of at least one hooligan, comfortable ugly shoes are a better option than fashion if one wants to remain upright and uninjured.  At least two friends have worn flip flops. I’m sticking with the safety of my sensible footwear. Perhaps I’m older than I think. When the words sensible and footwear find themselves in the same sentence one IS older than one thinks.

If there was a TV show entitled, “So You Think You Can Line Dance” I would not concern myself with submitting an application any time soon. I’d be more likely to win a prize for my housekeeping skills on HGTV. Lest you forget where my talent lies in that vein you may click here to view a post in which I tattle on myself-complete with photos.

Always, always, always I am grateful to be able to move, to breathe, to enjoy the light-hearted moments on the journey.

Have you tried line dancing? If so, what do you like about it?

Thank you for stopping by for Thankful Thursday-no matter what day you land here.


    • Cindi says:

      HI Lynn, I did not know that! Next time your here we should go. Your bro is less than cooperative when it comes to dancing. 🙂

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