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One small bolt

One small bolt

One small bolt. Who would think that one small bolt could have made my day?

There’s a story behind this one small bolt.

Last week I attended a sleepover.

There were 3 of us there. It was planned weeks ago. Juli, Deb and I decided we would go out to eat, pick up some snacks, go back to Deb’s to watch movies, relax and just hang out. Deb is navigating the murky, sorrowful business of widowhood. Last week was our sleepover. We ate, bought snacks that we were too full to eat once we got back to Deb’s and never did watch a movie. Instead we went for a late night swim. While in the pool Deb said she had tried to hang some rope lights on her lanai but needed another set of hands. We told her we would help her in the morning.

We also discussed the fact that she had never put her bike rack on her van by herself, nor had she loaded her bike on it. We said we would figure that out in the morning as well. The three of us want to do some bike riding in some nature preserves once the temperature cools but she’ll have to get her bike there to do it.

The next morning the three of us hung the rope lights and then headed for the garage. Cars were moved, things were shifted a bit so the bike rack could be unburied and Juli and I watched and cheered as Deb put the bike rack on the van. There was one slight problem. The rack moved from side to side and it appeared a bolt was missing. It appeared safe but we were all a little leery about the swaying motion once she got on the open road. We talked about the fact that Ron would never have transported the bikes on a swaying bike rack and that he would have kept all parts of the bike rack together.

So where was the missing bolt?

I bossed Deb around suggested that Deb put the bolt she did have in a ziplock and stop by Home Depot or Lowe’s when she was out and about to pick up one.  She said she would do so.

Fast forward to this week. It has rained a lot at weird times and the grass never seemed to dry out enough for us to mow it. MOMD came home from work Tuesday fully prepared to cut the grass. He filled his water bottle, got his iPod, donned his sunglasses and prepared himself to go out into the heat. Just as he was getting ready to go outside it started to rain. For about 2 minutes. Our private rain cloud made the grass wet enough that once again mowing was delayed.

Yesterday morning I went outside, realized there was a slight breeze and no clouds in the sky. I thought it would be a nice surprise for MOMD to come home to a yard that didn’t look like a herd of cattle would be best suited to shorten the turf. Back and forth I went in our tiny little yard, grateful for a lawn mower that started and the health to do the job. I am not being facetious. I love to mow.

As I got near the corner near the driveway I looked down and saw a bolt laying, nice as you please, on the ground. My heart did a little pitter patter because I realized THIS WAS THE BOLT! The very last time Ron was healthy enough to ride his bike was back in November. He and Deb had brought their bikes to our house and we had ridden through a local park. He did really well on that ride but was very tired when we finished.  Somehow, on that day, one of the bolts from the bike rack must have come loose and fallen in the grass.

Eight months ago.

We have mowed numerous times in the last 8 months. MOMD has edged and blown off the driveway dozens of times. The bolt was not smashed into the ground. It was just laying there as if it happened minutes before.

So many little things added up so that I could give Deb her bolt back today and we could have a good laugh about it.

If we hadn’t decided to have Deb put the rack on her van we wouldn’t have known about the missing bolt.

If MOMD had been able to cut the grass this week, even if he had seen the bolt, he would not have had a clue as to what it belonged to. It was not stuck in a junk drawer, put in the shed or thrown away.

When I decided to cut the grass I saw the bolt and recognized it for what it was. 

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that it made my day! Sure, it’s a little thing in the scheme of world events. One tiny little piece in the nuts and bolts of life. ( I would apologize for that but it would be insincere).

Any little things happening in your life right now? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Debbie Haggerty says:

    You bless me my friend. This bolt is now safely at my home ready to steady my bike rack for our biking adventure, however bittersweet without MOMD. He will be very happy!

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