Local Scenery

photo (9)These trees are taller (and older) than anything near my house.

I am loving seeing unfamiliar flowers,various trees, different shrubs and mountains. I know when I get back to the steamy green south I’ll be happy to see the palm trees and the beach.

For now, though, I am enjoying cooler temperatures and an entirely different terrain.  All this PLUS time with eldest female hooligan.

Doesn’t get much better than that!


photo (5)


We have had wildfires in our state in the past few years but nothing, apparently, like the possibilities here in sunny Cali.  This sign is posted outside of the local fire station. Hopefully it’s a great reminder to anyone that sees it.


photo (6)


Can’t really say I’ve ever hear of a business with the word “outhouse” in it’s title but then it IS a store that specializes in equipment for the out of door enthusiast.


photo (4)


NEVER have I seen a dumpster where visitors get special privileges.  Of course I felt just a tad weird stopping to snap this picture.

You KNOW it has to be on a main highway.

Then I realized that I am a visitor and I am thinking of how nice it is to have my own trash receptacle.  I didn’t have one piece of trash to put in there, though.

Maybe this is California’s way of getting guests to help keep their highways tidy.


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