Lodge 2246

The package probably weighed 10 pounds and only contained one item. I mailed it to someone I have known almost my entire life. He was a former neighbor and one of my Dad’s best friends in the whole world. I was able to attend this man’s surprise 80th birthday party last year when I was in the mitten state. He asked me about the object that I mailed to him last week.

When he mentioned it to me I had a sinking feeling because I thought it has been lost or tossed when we cleared out my folks’ house a few years back. I couldn’t place where it could be be but I told him I would look for it when I got home.

The object to which I’m referring was a large scrapbook that my Dad’s friend, Mr. I, made for my dad over 30 years ago. When my folks chose moved south 35 years ago my Dad was halfway through his term as a high monkey monk in a fraternal organization. Because of a job offer my parents decided to move, leaving family, friends and this honored leadership position.

Mr. I took it upon himself to put together a scrapbook of photos, written articles about service projects that had been done during Dad’s tenure and other information about that season in their lives.  Of course when the scrapbook arrived on my parents’ doorstep it was much more than a collection of pictures and words. The time and effort invested in the project meant so very much to both of my parents.

Two weeks ago I was going through some boxes in our storage area and came across things that had been boxed up from my parents’ home. There were papers and framed photos of the hooligans, cards received on Father’s Day and Mother’s Day. Buried deep in one of the boxes was the scrapbook. I contacted on of Mr. I’s sons to confirm the address I had for his Dad, wrote a short note, put the scrapbook in a box and mailed it last week.

We talked a few days later when he called to thank me. I felt like I should be thanking him.

Telling him how grateful I am for the wonderful friends he and his late wife were to my parents.

Thankful for the time he took to honor my Dad by making that book.

And happy that it touched his heart that he can enjoy the memories once again.

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