Loud and Proud

Last week MOMD walked into the house and was quite surprised to hear loud music blasting! After a minute or so he was even more surprised to know just what song was bouncing off the walls of this seemingly ordinary house. He laughed and laughed and then laughed some more as he unpacked his lunchbox and went through his afternoon routines.

“You’re listening to In A Gadda Da Vida?” he finally managed to ask, somewhat incredulously. I assured him that, yes, it was and not only was I listening to it now but had actually listened to it multiple times…couldn’t get enough of the drum solo. Of course it was the 17 minute long play version. (Why would you listen to any other version, by the way?) And it must be LOUD to be enjoyed!

Every once in a while you just need some In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida was a post that I put on my FB page and the response was swift and affirming.

MOMD talked about the fact that we haven’t always been this age-that at one time we were teenagers or children or in our thirties. This is obvious on the surface but how often do we think of that when we meet another person?

Do we ever stop to consider that the elderly person you know as your mom or aunt once was a vigorous and outgoing person who danced the night away at a USO post?

Perhaps she would like to hear this if only someone could pull this up on youtube for her.

Take the time to watch it with her. You may have to turn it loud so she can hear it. That’s ok. It might get her talking about things you never knew.

And from those of a different generation(you know who you are)…go to youtube, look up In A Gadda Da Vida, hit the play button and crank it up.

Loud and proud!

Thank you for reading!

Gratefulness matters.


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  1. Kate says:

    Great song to listen to while cleaning the house . Tomorrow at PT. we older folk have asked for it to be
    MOTOWN MONDAY. most everyone working there is under 35 years of age . I’m hoping for some Drifters, Tempations, The Tops. Supremes. Even some Elvis would be good. music to the soul, food for the fuel of the body. Never forget, HAIR, you were taught to listen to the great music of all times, thanks to family vacations !!

  2. Linda says:

    You, my friend, have such a wonderful way with words. Happy and proud to call you friend. Love In da gadda da Vida and __Bugle boy.
    I heard that when Iron butterfly first thought of the name for this, it was suppost to be “In the garden of Eden”.

    Anyway, love your blog.

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