Monday Is A Good Day To Be Thankful

This week is dedicated to thankful posts.

This will sound like a weird thankful post but if you have been reading my blog you should be surprised by nothing.

I am thankful for things that don’t matter. Things that mean nothing in the grand scheme of things. The things that I think about too much and place way more value on than is necessary.

Absolutely nothing hinges on the fact that I made a pine cone wreath on Friday night, took it apart on Saturday (because many of the pine cones fell off anyway) and what was left looked like poop. It doesn’t matter if I make another attempt or not. Notice the photo isn’t great either.

Pine cone wreath failure

Pine cone wreath failure

I certainly don’t want to hang a wreath on my front door, only to have a pine cone drop into someone’s pumpkin pie as they enter the house Thursday.

I guess then we would have to call it a pie cone. (That is possibly the best pun you’ll read today).

Here’s another one. (A thing that doesn’t matter, that is, not another pun).

There will be no fancy centerpieces on my Thanksgiving tables. It would be nice some time to have something as lovely as the picture below but it won’t happen.


If history is any indication of this family’s preference, all that needs to be on the Thanksgiving table is food.

It matters not if the floor is scrubbed before everyone arrives because once I start slopping the gravy around the floor will need a good cleaning.

I’m thankful that it doesn’t matter that some people sit on folding chairs scooted up to card tables because we have a house overflowing with people.

Nobody cares if we use paper napkins, unmatched plates and have the food set up buffet style. It doesn’t matter if a dessert shows up that is a bit lopsided-it will be devoured before evening’s end.

I’m thankful for family, friends, food and the fact we have so much for which to give thanks.

Are you thankful for things that don’t matter? Please leave a comment below.

Thank you for reading!

Gratefulness matters.

photo credit: K.Logan.Sullivan via photopin cc

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