Monday, Monday

I see regular postings on social media about the dread of Monday morning, the hope of hump day (Wednesday) and the utter joy of Friday-because of the weekend.

Weekly time sheet

Weekly time sheet

Some of my employment history made Sunday nights/Monday mornings a time of apprehension regarding the nonsense to which I would be subjected in the upcoming week.

I certainly can relate to those who have goofball bosses and unfair work loads. What I found, however, was often the anticipation of how bad stuff was going to be was worse than what actually happened.  Sometime the goofball boss didn’t come to work or I had the time to complete the week’s tasks or I went to work with a chipper attitude and the day turned out well.

The biggest problem with hating Mondays and living for Fridays is that I was (what my Grandma called) wishing my life away. The older I get (with the years racing by) the more I realize this is not a good way to live. I don’t want to do that.

Yes, the goofball boss may still be goofy and the work may be piling up faster than credit card bills at Christmas (just kidding) but it does not change the fact that the perspective and attitude with which I greet the day/work week/life/laundry/grocery shopping has a whole lot to do with gratefully working through the stuff that needs doing. That, by the way, is the absolute longest sentence I have ever posted on this blog.

Having said all of that I would like to wrap this up by encouraging each of us to start this week thankful that it is a new week. I’m challenging us to look for chances to replace complaining with contentment. We might just be surprised at how quickly the work week zips by and how much nicer our environment has suddenly become. Are you with me?

Happy New Week.

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