More About Taking Care

Our family holiday gatherings often are about celebrating more than one person or event. Today it was Father’s Day plus two birthdays.

It would be nice if each and every person in the group always got his or her own day but it just doesn’t seem to work and it doesn’t seem to matter. The celebration today was even better because cousins were here from out of town and they brought cousins. No problem. The more the merrier.

The big hit of the day (besides the mounds of delicious food) was a Sno Cone Machine-basically an ice shaver. The kids loved pouring the colorful sugary stuff all over the ice.

As I looked around the large group of family I thought of how the people in our little part of the universe take care of each other.

The cousin of the cousin? He was widowed in the last few months after taking care of his ailing wife for years. They had a beautiful marriage and he did all he could to make her life as comfortable as possible right up to the end of her life. Now his wonderful children and grandchildren (who also were instrumental in Jan’s care) are there to take care of him. Not in a physical sense.  He is in good shape and physically independent.

They are THERE for him. The bond between them is an amazing thing-because they take care of each other. They aren’t afraid to face their grief but are supporting each other through the tears.

My cousins have been there for him as well. They can’t bring Jan back but they can reminisce about the fun vacations they took together. They take care of him by keeping his wife’s memory alive.

The relationships between many of us in that house today have been nurtured through the years. We’ve shared some incredibly great times but have also cared for one another through some hard stuff.

Sometimes taking care of our relationships means planning times for fun and relaxation. Other times we take care of one another even when it is uncomfortable or we are so sad for someone else we can hardly stand it. We care by being there or including them so they aren’t alone.

Thank you for reading. If you’re a dad, Happy Father’s Day. I hope you are giving it all you’ve got.

If not, why not?

Please leave a comment below. How did you spend your Father’s Day?



  1. Kate says:

    Cousins are people in our lives thatGod picked for us. We love them if they live next door,or 20 hours away.
    It is so much fun to see the little cousins enjoy being with the ne t older cousins. I’m glad we have now added the “Italian “cousins to the group. Thanks so much for opening up the circle of cousins.

    Love you all,

    • Cindi says:

      Don’t quite know what I’d do without my cousins. Don’t get to see each other nearly enough but each of you is so special…and now there are MORE. How fabulous is that? The Illinois/Italian invasion 🙂 was a much anticipated event. Would love for it to be one of many. Love you!

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