More Sights From A Walkabout

Since arriving at my daughter’s home I have walked around almost every day.

I am in love with this area.

Have you noticed when you walk around you see things you don’t see while whizzing by in a car?

I’ve come across things that the locals probably drive by every day.

Cute things.

Fun things.


If you have been reading my blog for a while you might know how I love libraries.

I have asked my daughter on more than one occasion where I might find the local library.She said she had not seen one.

She hasn’t lived here very long and has been really busy since moving here, hence she hasn’t found all the town has to offer.

I was a little bit insistent that there had to be a library here.

Today, on my walk…Lo and Behold, what did I find?

photo (12)

Of course I went in, talked with the 2 librarians, a retired college professor and a handyman.  Children’s story hour was going on so there was a lot of excitement in the library.

I came across this sign and thought it clever, creative and downright cute.

photo (1)

And finally I commend this area for offering convenience to local residents and tourists.


photo (2)Could it possibly be a coincidence that a ski rental business and dentist are in the same building?

If you suffer the misfortune of breaking a tooth while skiing you go downstairs to return the ski equipment and then upstairs to have your tooth repaired!

Thank you for reading.

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