My Childhood_Thankful Thursday

Play Time Written In Multicolored Plastic Kids Letters

My childhood wasn’t perfect.  Chances are yours wasn’t either.

It was still a great childhood, though.

I’m thankful for the neighborhood in which I grew up sooooo long ago.  There was a sense of safety and familiarity because we knew our neighbors. The adults watched out for the kids, which basically meant you didn’t get away with too much. I would no more have smarted off to Mrs. Murphy than I would have to my own parents. We respected the adults and called them Mr. or Mrs. So and So.  As a matter of fact I attended the 80th birthday party of a dear family friend last year-someone I still can not address by his first name.

When relatives came from Chicago it was a party. We celebrated the fact that our grandparents or our cousins and aunts and uncles could come.

Childhood was a time of games-of Hide And Seek, Monopoly and Jump Rope. Bicycles. Swimming Pools. The playground.

We played outside until dinner was ready.  One family down the street had 8 children. Their backyard had a bell. A large loud bell.  When that bell rang those kids stopped WHATEVER they were doing and ran home.  No dilly dallying.

Stealing, lying and whining were not tolerated. Maybe some of our elected officials never received the same training.

Music was important. If you’re of a (ahem) certain age you remember the first appearance of the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. You remember when The Munsters and The Addams Family were not reruns. I’m betting you also remember how The Wizard Of Oz was played on tv one Sunday night a year.  That’s it. If you missed it, you missed it.

If you had a sad or traumatic childhood I am very sorry. I know many people did and I am in no way downplaying or minimizing that.

My Thankful Thursday is about my childhood and the wonderful memories for which I am grateful.


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  1. Cathy says:

    It was a great childhood Cindi. So many good memories like playing in the “dead end”, Barbies (complete with mufflers…just had to say it,,,smiling right now), and all the neighborhood kids. Wish the kids today had it half as good as we did. Love ya girl.

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